Roger is the guy organizations call when they need help with advocacy.

He provides vision and leadership as a spokesperson, professional speaker, educator, writer and consultant. His education, experience and enthusiasm enlighten audiences on key issues that turn passion into action.

Empowering Change.
Motivating Advocacy.

Roger helps you identify key issues and relationships to drive positive transformation for your organization, industry or cause whether as a keynote address, breakout session or focused training. A complete curriculum of courses is offered and can be customized to any industry group or experience level.

Founder of Voices in Advocacy® and Partner, Revent LLC, Roger works with organizations to engage people to take action for the causes they believe in.

Roger is a highly acclaimed speaker and author of 7 Actions of Highly Effective Advocates.

Casually known as the “Big Guy”, Roger’s exuberant personality makes for engaging presentations.

About Roger

Roger has been an advocate for citizen involvement since the age of 13. He was elected to public office as a young man, later served as a legislative staffer for the Pennsylvania State Legislature, and has worked on many local, regional and state campaigns as well as numerous Presidential campaigns.

Roger majored in Political Science at Pennsylvania State University and is still a proud Nittany Lion. Throughout his professional business career Roger has been a partner or sole-proprietor in six different companies.

His education, experience and enthusiasm enlighten audiences on key issues and relationships that turn passion into action.



Meet Roger

Even with his smooth banker's hair and pinstriped suit with pale blue shirt and matching pocket square, Roger Rickard reminds one of a taller, less rumpled Jack Black. His animated delivery clearly reflects his fervent belief in the importance of people conducting meetings and conferences in person. A self-described "political science geek" (who sends $5 to each and every presidential candicate on principal), Roger has the thorough knowledge and passionate eloquence of an advocate: and what's more, he says it's crucial that meeting professionals embrace the advocate role within their organizations.

Leslie DiLeo, NYPCMA

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"Finally, a true professional that tells not what you want to hear, but only what you need to hear - the truth. Roger's intelligent viewpoints are considered shortcuts to your success. Hire Roger NOW and over the course of your career, you will save thousands of dollars in the book store business section."

Deborah Gardner, CMP,